• Soul Fitness LA (map)
  • 1209 South Pacific Coast Highway
  • Redondo Beach, CA, 90277
  • United States

Sound Bath + Laughter Meditation

at Soul Fitness LA in Redondo Beach

$20 donation the door


Laughter is introduced as Neuroplasticity Meditation (tm). Learn tools and understand why laughter can improve your life and efficiency. Indy Rishi Singh has brought Laughter meditations to Google, Marriott, the LAPD and various institutions over the past year. 


Sound baths use gongs, singing bowls, and various acoustic instruments to introduce a harmonious sense of completeness. Science such as cymatics prove that frequencies of sound literally change the molecular structure of water as well as organic compounds. Fabian is a seasoned sound bath engineer and was recently featured in a TED Talks for his sound healing work.

http://www.realizationnation. com/