Mystic Sound Journey  Los Angeles Central Library

 Live acoustic public performance by Evan Hatfield on sitar, Tallulah Kidd violin, Indy Rishi on bansuri flute and  Fabian on hand pan and crystal bowls. 

Mystic Sound Journey performance at the Los Angeles City Library by Fabian Realizer on hand pan, Evan Hatfield on sitar and Tallulah Kidd on violin. Info at Booking:

A Sound Bath is a unique experience in which sound and vibrations are created through various sacred instruments from around the world such as Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes and more. As the participant lays back with an eye cover, Fabian guides them through breathing techniques, guided meditation and a sound journey within. Reaching these deep levels of relaxation and clarity leave you feeling lighter, grounded and transformed.

In today's world of distraction, constant noise, time pressure and anxiety, we forget to take a moment to listen in and allow ourselves to reset and realign, down to the cellular level. To "reboot" when too many programs are running in the background. Take the opportunity and open yourself to a Journey of Healing Sound

Fabian is available for large group events, opening ceremonies and private sound therapy.

For further details and booking, email