What is Kambo?

Phyllomedusa Bicolor, otherwise known as “Kambo” is a natural vaccine derived from the waxy secretion on the skin of the green tree frog that lives in northwestern parts of the Amazon jungle and is used traditionally by the indigenous tribes of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru as a medicine and spiritual aide.

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How is it administered?

Kambo is applied to the participant through making quick small burn mark openings on the skin referred to as “gates”.
As the medicine is administered onto the gates, it enters the lymphatic system and not the bloodstream.
One gate is administered first to introduce the medicine into the system and to gauge the participant’s reaction.
After a few minutes, more may be applied to however many gates have been opened or to the participant’s needs.
Generally anywhere from 3-8 gates may be applied on the side of arm, inside ankle, spine or where both intuitively agree upon.


What does it do?

Some of the initial onsets of kambo may be increase in heart rate, temperature, perspiration, shivers, nausea and dizziness. Blood pressure may also rise or fall dramatically. Some may experience swelling of lips which wears off post ceremony.

After some minutes sitting with the medicine, the body will begin purging the water and expelling blockages and toxins that may be stored energetically and physically down to organs and to the cellular level.

Kambo involves a deep physical and energetic cleansing that can be an intense but manageable experience.

It is required to consume a large amount of room temperature water (2-3 liters) at the procession of the ceremony in the presence of the facilitator. This assists the process in order to flush the lymphatic system, liver, kidneys, gall bladder, and other organs.


How long is it?

The whole ceremonial process can last 2-3 hours including opening and closing ceremonial prayer, song and sound bath. The healing portion of the session can last anywhere from 20-30 min.

Recovery and integration is generally quick within 45-60 min and participant can drive and carry on with regular functionality same day.

It is recommended to cultivate this “cleared space” as a mental, emotional and physical master reset through healthy lifestyle changes and practices.


Thank you…

for taking interest in working with Kambo medicine and with us. Below you will find all the information to assist you in your kambo ceremony.

Viva Kambo!
Fabian and Daniela


  • 12 hour fast prior to the session.

  • Bring 2-3 liters of room temperature water preferably in personal containers to minimize plastic use if possible.

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing that is accessible for the application area.

  • Bring a small towel for perspiration.


  • Semi-private session (2-4 people): $125 per person

  • Private session: $150

  • In home session (greater LA area): $250


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(2hr meter street parking, entrance is through the back. Front gallery address is 366)