What is Rapé?

Rapé (pronounced hap-eh) is a finely powdered snuff prepared with medicinal herbs, tree bark, seeds and ask, often with a tobacco base. Rapè is typically made with mapacho (nicotiana rustica), which is sacred tobacco from the Amazon.

The effects of rapé are experienced rapidly and intensely because the powdered snuff is administered through the nostrils with a hollow tool called a tepi. The benefits of communing with rapé range from physical and psychological to energetic and spiritual.

Rapé clears and focuses the mind and thoughts, centers and grounds your energy, opens up your physical and spiritual sense and awareness, cleanses and purifies your body and energetic fields, cleanses the pineal gland, opens third eye visions, connects you to your spirit allies and other medicines, and much more.

It can also facilitate both physical and energetic purging that is deeply cleansing, used to reset or rewire negative thought patterns and blockages.

Rapé can be used in almost any situation where a ceremony might be called for, and can function or pair well with many other rituals or medicines. Traditionally it is used either as its own ceremony or within other ceremonies such as Ayahuasca or kambo ceremonies.

There is a significant energetic and physical sensation from rapé, but it can also produce visionary experiences despite not being a classically visionary medicine. It is also possible to do different styles of journey work using rapé as an aid to facilitate communication with your spirit guides and allies for healing or guidance.

Rapé is used to re-align the user with their energy channels and with their higher self, and to intensify their connection with the world and the universe. In addition, this medicine paves the way for detoxifying the body and cleans out all excess mucus, toxins, and bacteria, thereby assisting in fighting colds, sniffles, and certain kinds can even help with the flu.

Blowing the tepi involves an intimate connection between the rapé giver and receiver. Both are closely connected by mouth, nose and by breath, and both need to open and allow the other spirit and intention to enter, permitting the healing to take place.

Once it is administered it is recommended to sit with the medicine and meditate/journey for about a half hour or so. It is best to remain with the eyes closed, while inhaling and exhaling slowly, enabling a thorough grounding and maintenance of focus as the medicine transmits information.

Aside from targeting pain and blockages within the body, this medicine facilitates the release of unsealing psychological patterns that are often the root cause of physical ailments. They unlock and elevate the psyche in order to realign individuals with the wisdom of the medicine and the individual’s own innate love and wisdom - these are keys to healing one’s self and to walking a path of higher consciousness.